ReShape Pack

In support of regular training and a diet for a tight and toned body: Iso Whey Zero, Ultra Loss Shake, L-Carnitine + Chrome, Mega Fat Burner, Active Woman, Sport bottle

Stack contains:

1 Iso Whey Zero 450g (18 servings)
1 Ultra Loss Shake 500g (16 servings)
1 L-Carnitine + Chrome 60 capsules (30 servings)
1 Mega Fat Burner 90 capsules (30 servings)
1 Active Woman 60 tablets (30 portions)
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Iso Whey Zero - 450g (18 servings)
Protein is an important building block of the body, therefore even women badly need it! This is the reason why our premium quality whey protein isolate received a brand new, practical 450g bottle packaging so it would be easy to carry around in your gym bag. It is available in three popular flavours for the ladies.

Ultra Loss Shake - 500g (16 servings)
Ultra Loss is a meal replacement shake with 50% protein content, with added vitamins and dietary fibres, now available for women, in an improved version free of sugar and lactose. You don't have time to eat during the day or you would like to replace your dinner with an alternative meal? Prepare a serving of Ultra Loss shake!

*For powder products it refers to ready shakes mixed with water.

L-Carnitine + Chrome - 60 capsules (30 servings)
This capsule contains the most popular active ingredients that can support a diet - L-carnitine and chromium. The chromium content of the product contributes to the normal metabolism of macro nutrients and the maintenance of a healthy blood sugar level. Since carnitine is a component of the fatty acid delivery system, energy found in fats can be utilised through it. It means carnitine is requires to transform fats into energy. If you want to support your weight loss, it is recommended to increase the L-carnitine intake before workouts.

Mega Fat Burner - 90 capsules (30 servings)
Mega Fat Burner is a caffeine-free weight control formula, therefore people who are struggling from excessive overweight or high blood pressure can safely take it, even in the long-term. Therefore, we added active ingredients in the product, which provide support for your body during workout: vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, L-carnitine and chromium.

Active Woman - 60 tablets (30 portions)
Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are indispensable for the optimum functioning of your metabolism. Active Woman is a full range multivitamin and mineral dietary supplement. With a focus is on healthy hair, skin and nails.
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